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Fitness Center

Hours: Open every day, all year - 5am - 12am

Occupancy: 15

Rules & Guest Policies:

Children under the age of twelve (12) are NOT permitted in the Fitness Center, with or without an adult. This includes infants and toddlers.

Residents between the ages of twelve (12) an fourteen (14) are permitted in the Fitness Center, only if accompanied by an adult eighteen (18) years of age or older.

Residents age fifteen (15) and older are permitted to use the Fitness Center unaccompanied.

*Residents are allowed to bring in ONE guest to the Fitness Center at any time.  All guests must be accompanied by a resident at all times while using the Fitness Center.

Guests under the age of eighteen (18) must be accompanied by a resident adult eighteen (18) years or older.

Safety is the primary concern of the Association.  All persons using the Fitness Center do so at their own risk and agree to abide by the posted rules of use of the facility.The Fitness Center is accessible by card key access during the above stated hours unless otherwise posted.

Appropriate attire for the Fitness Center (shorts or warm-up suit, shirts or sports bra, tights or leotards) and appropriate athletic footwear must be worn.  Bathing suits and bare feet are prohibited.

No food items will be brought into or consumed in the Fitness Center.  Only non-alcoholic beverages in non-breakable containers are permitted.

Radios, CD players & MP3 players are permitted in the Fitness Center only if used with headphones and played at a volume that does not disturb others.All refuse must be placed in containers provided for this purpose.  

Keeping the Fitness Center clean is everyone's responsibility.

Each user is requested to wipe off equipment after each use with disinfectant and paper towels that are provided in the Fitness Center.

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